Renovation of Decker Store

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With a host of volunteers over a few days, a historical project takes another step trying to salvage a local landmark! A year ago The Tehnassen General Store Project had enough donations to move the building to the original site where it had been built sometime before 1880. The building had been moved by a local farmer around 1911 after the pioneer village was, for the most part, dismantled. The Decker General Store structure, still almost original after these 125+ years, served the Tenhassen Village and local pioneer homesteads as a general store, hotel, post office, and stage coach depot. Plans are to continue restoration as money is available, so that perhaps we may look at the site, and get a glimpse into the past and the beginnings of our local pioneer homesteads/settlements.

Our thanks go out to all the people who helped with this project including Tom Bents, Greg Bents, Marlen Bents, Curt Bremer, Herman Deling, Gary Eckelberg, Dan Fritz, Rollie Gellert, Steve Houfer, Clair and Lonnie Leiding (boss men), Josh Leiding, Roger Manwarren, Tom McKean, Bob Nelson, Dave Rosenberg, Gerald Rosenberg, Kevin Schultz, Steve Schultz, Don Stelter, Herb Tietje, and Wayne Walters.

Thanks also to Jack Rosenberg of Armstrong Lumber Yard for roofing materials and for those who provided food and refreshments including June Bents, Buchan's, and Rhetis Ann Rosenberg.

Roofing the east side

Part of the crew on break

Roofing the west side

Tom McKean

Wayne Walters