Samuel Carver came to Tenhassen in 1861

Carver's cabin in Tenhassen, (Left to right) John Handy, George Cook, Ellen Carver, Lottie Carver, Samuel Carver and the little girl is Lucy Carver

Edith Johnson and her brother, Arthur Nelson, grandchildren of Ellen Carver Cook Brutch, conveyed the following memories of the Carver family. The children of the various couples are not necessarily in order of birth.

    Samuel and Antoinette Carver had six children; John, Henry, William, Ellen, Charlotte, and Lucy.
  • Lucy married a Theobald and had Ralph, Claude, Austin, Bob, Francis, and Grace.
  • Charlotte married a Personius and had Andy, Bill, Wilford, Glen, Ida, Lester, and Mary. Lester was the 1st Martin County soldier to lose his life in World War 1.
  • John married Julia; they had Walter, George, Anna, and Pearl. Pearl, will be remembered by many as a rural teacher in Martin County.
  • Henry had no descendents.
  • William married but had no descendents. He was Sheriff of Martin County for many years.
  • Ellen married George Cook and had Alice. George was killed in a runaway accident. He is buried at Tenhassen Cemetery. Having served with the Union Army in Tennessee, his grave is marked with a Civil War Soldier's headstone.
    • Alice married Andrew Nelson, they had Margaret, Lawrence, Arthur, Merrill, Edith, and Walter.
    Ellen later married Conrad Brutch and had Kate, Antoinette, Clara, George, Elmer, and Mary.
    • Kate married Austin Hartley.
    • Nette married Herman Schmitt. They had Verna, Emil, and Bob.
    • Clara married Oliver Landeck. They had Jack and Ramona.
    • George never married.
    • Elmer married Joy. They had Shirley.
    • Mary married Elliot Olson, and they had Charles.

Carver enlisted a couple of times, the last time dying his hair and stating his age at only 42.

Grandma Carver often cared for the sick folks in the settlement using herbs and home remedies.